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Thanks to the loyal support of our school community, Cold Spring continues to inspire collaboration, pique curiosity, and encourage empathy among its students. Our families are unselfish with gifts of time, talent, and financial contributions. There is a wide range of resources that our community has to share and we like to emphasize that all support is deeply appreciated! This sense of common purpose fuels our community spirit and we are truly grateful for your generosity.  


The Cold Spring Fund

As an independent school, Cold Spring relies on contributions from families, alumni, and friends to ensure financial stability, carry out its mission, and achieve its goals. Philanthropy is an integral component of our school culture and a community effort that we encourage every family to support.

The Cold Spring Fund is an annual appeal for donations that is typical in independent schools and non-profit organizations. Dollars raised are unique in that they directly impact the school’s operating budget for the year in which they are given. We rely on unrestricted annual giving to build a sustainable and reliable source of revenue that helps bridge the gap between tuition and the actual cost of educating a student.

Every gift, regardless of size, is meaningful. Your gift to the Fund helps maintain the qualities that define a Cold Spring School education — teachers, programs, field trips, guest speakers, faculty development, and of course, financial aid.



We are an inclusive school valuing participation in learning, family and community. There are many ways to support our mission and sustain Cold Spring's founding vision.
Georgia Lieber, Director of Development

Meet the Director of Development

Georgia Lieber joined Cold Spring School as Development Director in 2021. She is also a current parent and long-time member of the New Haven community.

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Events & Celebrations


The Jog-a-Thon is a Cold Spring School tradition where children, teachers, alumni, parents and four legged friends (on leashes!) jog around Criscuolo Park to raise money for our school and students. This beloved event empowers children to take an active role in supporting their school community, literally! Each student is tasked with finding sponsors who will pledge a certain amount of money for each lap jogged.




One of the big differences that I’ve noticed between Cold Spring grads versus children from other schools, who have come from great educational backgrounds as well, is this desire to learn in a way that is endless in its possibilities. I can look at the way they get excited about a project and just move with it, differently than being taught to do an assignment and finish it and be done with it.

Shel Swanson, p'17 & Board member