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Cold Spring School

Social & Emotional Learning

Every child is known by every adult at Cold Spring. We care about the social/emotional development in children as much as we care about academic learning. 

The smallness of our school provides us with multiple opportunities to build community in genuine ways in both classrooms and at school as a whole. Respect, gratitude, compassion, empathy, and resilience form the core of the social/emotional curriculum. Classroom charters provide the opportunity for children to practice the language and skills required to be responsible and positive community members.  Both “window and mirror” opportunities are offered for children to see themselves reflected in their work and to learn about and appreciate differences in people and their lives within and beyond our school walls.

CSS is part of my life now through songs I sing to my son, respect for others, confidence to pursue my interests and passions as well as those things that are challenging to me.

julia, CLASS OF ’93