Beyond Cold Spring

Cold Spring graduates are creative and versatile thinkers. They move on to public and private secondary schools after completing sixth grade. A thoughtful reflection process takes place with every sixth grade family so that each child is well-prepared to transition to their next school. Beyond high school, Cold Spring alumni attend colleges and universities all over the country including ivy league, liberal arts and technical schools. 

Alumni Spotlight

Thomas Lipp, Class of 1998

I started at Cold Spring School when I was 5 years old and thought I may grow up to be a Fashion Designer or Roller Coaster Designer. (There was a physics segment in Karen Zwick’s class that really spoke to me.)

A memorable experience at CSS was the day-long immigration simulation in Karen Zwick’s class in which we traveled to Ellis Island and learned that they spoke Italian there (which was not at all like Spanish).  I also remember the almost year-long wagon train activity in Karen Chapman’s class in which the lives of our wagon mates depended on luck, disguised as skill, when we had to throw pennies over our shoulder into trash cans behind us.  I also enjoyed the Spanish fairy tales that the sixth grade class would write and perform at all school meetings (we were especially proud of Blanca Nueve).

All of the teachers at Cold Spring were memorable but if I have to pick a couple:  Penny Serafin, Karen Zwick, Karen Chapman, and Fitness Teacher Diana Richter were particularly unforgettable.

I currently work as the Guidance Navigation and Controls Engineer at SpaceX. If you ever watch the webcasts, you can sometimes hear me say things like, “Vehicle pitching downrange” or “GNC confirms good insertion orbit.” I’m proud of writing the landing burn guidance algorithm that helps land the SpaceX rocket.

After Cold Spring I attended Hopkins for high school then went on to Princeton University and Stanford for Graduate School (Ph. D. in Mechanical Engineering). I’m happy to share that I still keep in touch with Leland Milstein, who was best man at my wedding, which was also attended by Aaron Cross. Other fun facts about me: I’m an avid knitter and board game fiend.

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Sixth Grade Class Photo, Class of 2019
Criscuolo Park, New Haven



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Alumni understand how even the smallest contribution of time, resources or dollars can help in shaping the future of a small school community. You know this because you experienced it.

We appreciate that many of you are still in school, or may be starting careers and families. Please know that gifts of any size are meaningful; perhaps even more so than any other gift because you are the legacy of Cold Spring School.