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Cold Spring School


Welcome to Cold Spring School – a small, unique school community committed to progressive education. Cold Spring’s founders had a vision to create a school in which every child was known and every voice was heard. Their vision embraced thematic teaching in which learning is integrated and connected. They dreamed of classroom environments that sparked curiosity and honored children’s thinking and creativity. Thirty five years later, this vision still holds true. 

The trustees, administrators, and teachers proudly shoulder this responsibility as we work to design our distinct school that reflects the ideas, ethics, attitudes, and cultures of progressive education.

Come experience the joy in learning, the joy of teaching, and the joy of being part of our Cold Spring School community!

Arati Pandit, Director

Get to Know Arati:

Meet our Director, Arati, and learn what she thinks makes Cold Spring such a special school.

The Program

Classes at Cold Spring are multi-grade with two full-time teachers, a Head Teacher and an Associate Teacher. Classrooms are designed to provide a warm learning environment that promotes small group and individual learning. Teachers use a thematic approach that integrates the study of language, math, social studies, and science. Children in all grades also receive instruction in Spanish, Art, Fitness, Music, and Tinkering.


The academic program at Cold Spring encompasses a wide variety of subjects.

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Thematic Studies

Thematic Studies, yearlong studies focused on societal or environmental studies, provide the framework for curriculum.

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Social & Emotional Learning

The social/emotional development of our students is as important as their academic learning. 

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School Life

Our Community

Get to know the people who make Cold Spring so unique.

Our Teachers

Meet the amazing group of educators bringing joyful learning to life.

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Children & Families

Family engagement is a hallmark of our school that benefits the entire Cold Spring community.

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Our graduates are creative and versatile thinkers who cherish their Cold Spring experience.

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