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Cold Spring School

Sixth Grade at Cold Spring School

Sixth Grade at Cold Spring School

The Merriam-Webster’s definition of the word 'pinnacle’ is to reach the highest point of development or achievement. A pinnacle isn't just the conclusion; it's the climax of the story, the final crowning achievement, and the end result of years of research and effort. It’s the result of years of changes in your child’s physical growth as well as their social, emotional, behavior, thinking, and communication skills; each area depending on and influencing the others.

Strategically and symbolically placed at the very top of Cold Spring’s main building in an open, light-filled, inviting classroom, children literally and figuratively reach the pinnacle in sixth grade! Children at this grade level apply, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate complex knowledge that has been slowly and intentionally built over many years, starting in our preschool, K/1 classrooms and all the way through. They practice weighing conflicting ideas and finding a path to move forward which requires the ability to let go of one’s own ideas and consider the perspective of others.

With playfulness and joy still being preserved in these young adolescent years, sixth grade teachers create an atmosphere of learning rich in possibilities and provocations that invite the children to explore and problem solve. The thematic study of ‘Sustainable Societies' opens doors for children to discuss challenges and opportunities in the real world. Through a discussion-based approach, children engage in collaboration and discourse; they practice the building of ideas, imagine possibilities, and engage in the authentic research of topics that matter to them - topics that they are curious and wonder about. They synthesize knowledge and skills gained over time, receive feedback, connect with outside experts, demonstrate what they have learned by creating something of lasting value to themselves and the community. Our sixth graders, ultimately, create beautiful, meaningful work that recognizes and celebrates learning that has meaning to them - an empowering process.

The excitement and anticipation of leading up to this pinnacle cannot be deemphasized. To ultimately be the oldest in the school, to be leaders, to walk around the school proudly with broad shoulders, to be honored and recognized by the community is truly special. It’s a time in a child’s life that marks the end of something and launches them with the academic and social-emotional confidence for all that is to come beyond the walls of Cold Spring! 

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