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Building a Community of Learners

Building a Community of Learners

A common theme within Cold Spring classrooms during these first few weeks of school has been building classroom communities.

In Kim and Jason’s classroom, perhaps the most important part of the day in these beginnings of a new school year is morning choice time. Play is an integral part of a child's learning and during this time the children make independent choices about what they'd like to explore. An intentional combination of both familiar as well as new choices invite the children to learn quite a bit about their classroom community.

Rachael and Robby’s 2/3 students explored their new classroom through a scavenger hunt while Maxx and Steven’s sixth graders have prioritized getting to know one another through games, discussions, and group activities including interviewing one another and working on a team drawing challenge.

Stephanie and Erin’s 4/5 have launched the year by filling their classroom with creativity, thoughtful questions, insightful problem solving strategies, and lots of laughter! The creation of mixed media self portraits was one way that the class was able to share a little bit about themselves!


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