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A Personal Moment

A Personal Moment

83 - No, it’s not a highway or a house number nor is it a game score. It's the name of a movie we watched about the year when something unthinkable, unimaginable happened for the first time in India. 1983 - a year when 14 men representing India gained prominence for the country on the cricket world stage. It seemed as if everyone in a country of 750 million people (population of the country at that time) was with the Indian cricket team in spirit when they played in the World Cup final at the Lord’s Stadium in England. 

I still remember being a child in elementary school at that time glued to the television in our small living room filled to the brim with family and friends sitting nervously together and cheering for the team. Watching this film was nostalgic for me and my husband, Shyam, now in 2022 - the feelings, the emotions, the pride, the tears of happiness, forgotten for decades, all came right back as the team showed tremendous determination, resilience, and perseverance.

In many ways at Cold Spring, we are building the same skills at school - skills of determination, resilience, perseverance and commitment - pushing and supporting one another so we become better versions of ourselves. In these early, formative years, we focus on building children’s confidence in social, emotional, academic skills, developing their problem solving mindsets, coming together as a community and setting a foundation for learning, growth and success in life. We also find ways to recognize and celebrate the many small and big moments during their journey.

The end of this story of cricket is rather predictable. India beat the strongest team against all odds, the West Indies - something that no one ever imagined. The whole country stopped to come together and celebrate. It didn’t matter whether you were young or old, rich or poor, what religion you belonged to or what part of the country you were from. Even the borders of India and Pakistan were peaceful on that day. The pride that every Indian felt in the achievement of those players showed the power of sports - the power of determination - the power of community. 


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