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A Message of Thanks

student artwork paired with the words "Joyful, Hopeful, Inspired, Grateful"

What transforms a school from a list of names into a genuine community are the moments: moments that children have with each other and their teachers, moments of growth, discovery and learning: moments when work feels like play and school feels like home. These moments reflect a spirit of togetherness, profound connections, joy and celebration. When you choose a school for your child, you choose a community for your family.

While that is true at Cold Spring in any given year, throughout this year, the word community meant commitment and purpose. It revealed innumerable small and big moments when we all noticeably stood with each other - took on responsibilities and roles not imagined before, worked in new classroom settings, adjusted to remote/in-person learning, reimagined daily lives at school and at home, and in general, lived with uncertainty. What we have done together is no small achievement.

The faculty and staff continue to be overwhelmed and humbled by the generosity, support, and love of the Cold Spring community. We have deep gratitude for our nurse and our PRT physicians for their sound advice, guidance and careful monitoring that enabled us to keep school safely open for children and teachers the entire year.

We wish you a joyous, fun-filled summer and look forward to your return in September!


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