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Cold Spring School

Children & Families

Cold Spring children are happy to come to school. Each morning, students run to our front door excited to connect with their teachers and classmates, to share their discoveries, thoughts, and wonders. Children view teachers as partners in the learning process. Cold Spring students know that they are trusted, that their voices and perspectives are heard and valued, and that they are supported by the adults and the other children in the community.

We believe that parents are not only choosing a school for their child, they are also choosing a community for their family. Cold Spring School parents are encouraged to take active, participatory roles in their children’s education. At a time when school doors are often closed, we at Cold Spring School welcome and encourage parents to come into the classroom, join School Meetings, and participate in field trips. Families choose Cold Spring because they believe in our educational values, and each family member becomes an active participant in our school community.

“Every day I walked through the school door, I knew that I would be listened to whenever I raised my hand to speak, so I spoke my mind. I knew that when I had a problem, the community would come together, and so I asked for help.”