Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about Cold Spring School's culture of philanthropy and our development programs.

What does Development mean and what does the Director of Development do?
Development is the process of establishing, nurturing and yes, developing relationships with the intended purpose of creating long-term supporters of the School’s mission. These relationships are crucial in helping the school achieve its goals. It is the role of the Development Director to educate members of the Cold Spring community about the values and culture of our school, and allow for frequent and meaningful volunteer and giving opportunities.

How are Cold Spring Fund dollars spent?

Money raised through the annual Cold Spring Fund campaign is spent on budgeted items throughout the school year. In general, those donations guarantee that we are able to provide program and classroom materials, meaningful learning experiences, activities and field trips, arts and enrichment programs, maintenance of the buildings and grounds, as well as staff retention through competitive salaries and benefits, professional development.

Who gives to the Cold Spring Fund?
All members of the Cold Spring School community are invited to participate in the Fund. Contributions are wide ranging, from the $10 gift made by a young alumna/us to hundreds and even thousands of dollars from current families, grandparents and parents of Cold Spring School graduates.

I can’t give a large gift. Does my support still matter?
Yes! Every family's support is truly valued and appreciated. Your gift, regardless of the amount, will provide additional resources and will often serve to encourage others to make gifts. Everyone is asked to give generously and an appropriate gift is one in proportion to your ability to give.

Why is participation percentage important?
Strong participation in the Cold Spring Fund is an important way for us to demonstrate to others in our community and to prospective families the commitment and dedication of our families, alumni, faculty and friends to the School and our students. We aim for 100% participation. In fact, foundations and corporations awarding grants to educational institutions often look at the level of parent, alumnae/i and community participation in the School's annual giving campaigns.

What is the difference between the Cold Spring Fund and a Capital Campaign?
The Cold Spring Fund is designed to help cover the current year's anticipated operational expenses. Contributions to the Fund have direct and immediate impact on the year in which they are made. Capital Campaigns are conducted periodically to provide significant funds for growth, such as construction and renovation of facilities, endowment and other special purposes.