The Jog-a-Thon has been POSTPONED! 

We will share rescheduling details here soon.

JOG-A-THON is a Cold Spring School fundraiser where children, teachers, alumni, parents and four legged friends (on leashes!) jog around Criscuolo Park to raise money for our school and students. 

We believe that childhood is the perfect time to nurture awareness of philanthropy and generosity. The JOG-A-THON empowers children to take an active role in supporting their school community, literally! Each student is tasked with finding sponsors who will pledge a certain amount of money for each lap jogged, or one flat pledge. 

As with all Cold Spring events, our goal is 100% participation. Every student will run and celebrate with their classmates. No child will be singled out for gathering the most pledges and the TOTAL number of laps for the entire school will be part of our “thank you” message to sponsors. Donations in any amount are gratefully accepted.

On your mark, get set... PLEDGE!



Pledge a flat amount or per-lap amount now, and students will collect payment after the event:MediaLibrary#1810
Pay a flat amount now in support of a CSS student:MediaLibrary#1811

Download a printable pledge form HERE.

Take the form to family & friends to gather pledges!