Creating Y(our) Story Benefit Auction & Dinner

Thank you to the Cold Spring School community for making this year's Auction a huge success! With your support we raised over $60,000 in one evening.

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Fund-a-Cause: Outdoor Learning

We continue to accept donations toward Fund-a-Cause 2017, Outdoor Learning. If you weren't able to attend the Auction and wish to contribute, you can do so HERE.

The following is a part of the remarks made on Auction night by trustee and alumni parent, Lisa Marcus.

I was speaking with a teenager this week who made the observation: “I feel better when I’m outside. There are no walls. It feels like there are fewer limits on what is possible.”

As you know, our school is approaching the final phase of a Master Plan for school-wide renovations. This is an exciting time, and the right time to support outdoor learning at Cold Spring, to further equip the learning which is happening through, what one Cold Spring parent calls, the “permeable walls” of our school. From Pear Tree Yard gardening, to the creation of the salt marsh mural, to Criscuolo Park modeling, to citizen science bird-watching, our students and teachers have embedded their learning in real-life investigations and collaborations. As we re-imagine our school’s campus, we now have the opportunity to more intentionally weave our outdoor spaces into the fabric of our school’s culture, and into our classroom curricula. While awaiting larger infrastructural and landscaping improvements, teachers and students are connecting meaningfully with our place by both learning from and while outdoors. Your contributions towards this fund-a-cause will help give our students more choices for outdoor scientific and play-based learning, allowing them to explore through observation, through doing, building, growing, and connecting within our community and to communities and ecosystems outside of our own.

Fund-a-Cause 2017
Outdoor Learning

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