4/5 Collaboration with Yale School of Architecture

Cold Spring 4th and 5th grade students have been working with a group of graduate students from the Yale School of Architecture over the course of the year to create a fort or structure for our Pear Tree Yard. Yale students used the concept of storytelling (the 4/5 thematic study for the year) as a point of departure for this collaboration, to understand how Architecture itself communicates stories about the environmental and cultural conditions of a place.


Yale students led students through the process of doing a site analysis of the Pear Tree Yard, to consider the local environmental and cultural factors that are at work in our outdoor space. 


An extensive collaboration continued as students worked in groups to create structures, considering environmental considerations, which might include the weather, seasons, traffic flow, and topography. Students agreed that inclusivity is an important aspect of Cold Spring's culture. Consequently, they discussed how it would be important for the fort to be a safe space for students of all ages and grades at Cold Spring. They debated what the right size of the fort would be, to accommodate the program(s) they designed for their spaces. 


This winter, 4/5 students presented their Pear Tree Yard fort models, drawings, and other supporting materials to a review board composed of local architects (Turner Brooks and Mark Peterson), members of the Cold Spring Board (Aley Menon and Michael Sloan) and Cold Spring administration, as well as a handful of our architectural coaches from the Yale School of Architecture. We’re excited to see what may come of these proposals and the possibility of taking ideas from each one to incorporate a structure in our Pear Tree Yard.