Applying to Cold Spring School: Kindergarten through Grade Six

The application deadline is February 1, 2019 for families applying to grades kindergarten through sixth for September 2019.  Our preschool admissions process has a separate timeline. Click here for preschool application details.

After this first-round admissions deadline, Cold Spring School goes to rolling admissions depending on space available.  Please note that the financial aid process is separate from the admissions process.

We strongly encourage families to join us for one of our Tours for Parents before submitting an application if you have not yet seen Cold Spring School in action.

Admissions Visit Details:

Kindergarten and First Grade: After we receive your child’s application, and you submit the Student Evaluation form to your child's current teacher, an individual visit to Cold Spring for you and your child will be scheduled. The Director of Admissions will meet with your child to administer a short, individual screening, and together your child and the Director of Admissions will visit a K/1 classroom. Meanwhile, time is set aside for you to meet the Director. Kindergarten and first grade admissions visits last about 45 minutes.

Second through Sixth Grade: Families applying for admission in these grades complete the application, submit the Student Evaluation form to your child’s teacher, and apply for a Release of Records from your child’s present school. After we receive that information, a half-day visit for your child is arranged. During the visit, the child spends time in the grade she or he will be entering, participates in classroom activities, and is given an evaluation test to measure knowledge in reading and math. A meeting with the Director can be arranged at either end of your child’s visit.

To request a Cold Spring School Admissions Packet, please complete the Inquiry Form here or contact the Admissions Office via email or by phone at 203-787-1584.

Click here to apply online.

Admissions Timeline:

Tours for Parents begin and run throughout January.


Families begin to submit applications.

Admissions visits begin for students whose families have submitted applications.

Application deadline for the first-round of admissions

March 10:

Notification date of admissions decisions for first-round applicants

March through Summer:

Rolling admissions dependent upon grade and space available