Welcome from our Director, Arati Pandit


It is with pride that we welcome you to Cold Spring School! Our school is distinctive in three ways – learning is joyful, teachers are passionate, and our community is strong. We believe in childhood – childhood that happens once and goes by so quickly. Our school, small by design, allows every child to be known, and we understand that big things can happen in small schools. 

Visitors often comment on how happy, engaged, and respectful our children are, how invested our teachers seem, and how creative our curriculum is. This doesn’t magically happen. It happens after long, deep conversations about what we want education and the experience to be like for our children and our families. It happens because we are intentional and thoughtful about every decision we make, no matter how small or big it might be. It happens because teachers, trustees, parents, and children all work towards a common mission.

We know that by creating safe, secure environments children feel comfortable to take risks in learning. Children know that they can be calm, yet exuberant, analytical, yet imaginative, and autonomous, yet collaborative. Teachers, designers of these environments, are mindful of these seemingly contradictory goals as they celebrate the process of learning.

We invite you to walk through our doors and experience this joy for yourselves. Don’t be surprised if Cold Spring children, eager to share their learning and their work, approach you!


Arati Pandit