Trustee Roles and Responsibilities

Role and Responsibilities of the Cold Spring School Board of Trustees

Cold Spring School is governed by a Board of Trustees that is responsible for guiding and assessing the effective implementation of the School’s mission through oversight of four areas outlined in the School’s bylaws:

Strategic Planning and Thinking

Trustees are responsible for defining and monitoring the short- and long-term goals of Cold Spring School as determined through a periodic strategic planning process. An ongoing practice of strategic thinking gives the board the flexibility to react to unforeseen opportunities and circumstances that will have an impact on the School.

Setting Policy

The trustees set policy in accordance with the School’s mission and institutional goals.

Hiring, Evaluating and Supporting the School’s Director

The board supports the director in the day-to-day operation of the School but is not involved in management or administration. The director, not trustees, hires, supervises and evaluates all faculty and staff

Financial Stability of Cold Spring School

In order to ensure the financial stability of the School, trustees are responsible for approving the yearly budget, including the setting of tuition. As trustees, they also support and participate in fundraising efforts.

The Cold Spring School Board of Trustees believes that open and clear communication advances the mission of the school. They welcome inquires from parents regarding any of their areas of responsibility.

How Does the Board Govern?

The board meets roughly once a month from September through June. Generally, proposals that require board approval are brought to the board through the work of committees. A quorum of the board is required for approval.

Trustees generally serve on at least one committee. Committee work reflects the goals of the yearly operating plan that is approved by the board of trustees in September. Committees are constituted with enough members to accomplish their goals. They are chaired by a trustee and may be made up of current parents (ex-officio) as well as trustees.

Current standing committees of the board of trustees:

• Admissions
• Building and Grounds
• Trustees
• Development
• Finance
• Personnel

Who Serves on the Board of Trustees?

Trustees are current parents, parents of alumni/ae and members at large who demonstrate commitment to the School and an understanding of Cold Spring’s teaching philosophy and practices. They represent a range of professional expertise and skills needed to advance the work of the board through committees. Trustees represent the diverse range of professional backgrounds found at the school in such areas as architecture, education, finance, law, medicine, social services and research.